Choosing the right packaging is one of the main considerations to make before entrusting a shipment to a courier company. We at Arcadia Express have learned through experience what steps to take to prevent accidental breakage and loss from creating problems for customers.

To the basic considerations commonly suggested by carriers are added a few, let’s look at them together so you can make your packages safer:
– the product shall have no sharp edges in contact with the cardboard box, every possible contact area shall be coated
– the covering can be made of bubble wrap, styrofoam in sheets or small parts, packing paper or foam
– The closure of the box should be carefully checked and sealed with tape to ensure its tightness
– edges and corners can be taped over so as to improve the strength of the packaging
– Cover any logos on the sides of the boxes

The first point is of considerable importance: the edges need to be properly covered with bubble wrap or similar material so as to prevent the box or contents from being damaged in the event of a collision causing the contents to spill out or break.

The coating of the contents depends on the type of product: from folded paper to recovered cardboard, there are several materials that can be used in order to prevent impact damage. In the case of products with special shapes, it is preferable to use bubble wrap combined with tape to achieve a more protective coating. For sending packaged products (retail sector), the use of folded paper or recovered cardboard prove to be excellent solutions. Styrofoam beans or similar products also prove to be good alternatives in the case of large boxes.

Closing the box is also not something to be underestimated since the number of moves the packages undergo makes it necessary to pay attention to this stage. Accidental openings or the use of tapes with poor seals are problems that can be solved with good quality tapes used for both the center wings of boxes and the edges.

Covering logos on the boxes is particularly useful for anonymizing the shipment, which, especially in the case of delicate shipments, can be replaced by special signs indicating that the contents are fragile or dangerous.

If you have any concerns about your packaging please contact us so before you entrust us with your shipment we can give you the best suggestions.

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