Arcadia Express has been involved in shipping for years, and the number of parcels we have handled is definitely high. Leaving aside pallets that fulfill very high size and weight requirements the packages most commonly entrusted to us are cardboard boxes. Due to their easy availability and high strength, they are suitable both for shipping small items and when sending delicate products.

The main features to consider are color, thickness, presence of logos, and use of additional protectors:

  • Generally the boxes have either havana or white color, there is no preference in the choice
  • thickness can be 1 or 2 waves for smaller boxes, triple wave cardboard boxes exist but are used for specific uses. They have high cost and weight and offer superior strength to any other type. The “waves” consist of a part sandwiched between sheets of cardboard that serve to cushion any shocks, determine the overall strength of the box
  • logos on the outside of boxes aid identification of the contents during preparation but during delivery can expose them to the risk of theft. Very often, deliveries to individuals are directed to alternative addresses (bars, newsstands, tobacco shops…), and recognizing famous signatures can be a risk
  • additional protections are used by the most organized logistics: shrink nylons, stretch films, plastic or metal straps, and security tapes provide greater protection to the contents and increase the security of the packaging. They are indicated for specific uses or customer requests

Whatever the needs of our clients are, we are able to meet the different requirements and agree on precise services upon request.


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