Arcadia Express has always operated in the summer period as well as in the winter period, guaranteeing customers uninterrupted service throughout the 12 months of the year. The summer period, however, is distinguished by the type of addresses given by end customers: more and more often addresses are requested at hotels, resorts, residential areas and campgrounds, or less organized solutions such as bars, tobacco shops and clubs that do not normally offer this service. These are normal habits in cities that display signs outside to be easily recognizable or rely on lockers that can be reached 24 hours a day, but in busy summer areas they complicate the work of couriers already busy with traffic.

As has been the custom for several years, Arcadia Express carefully handles all shipments with special destinations by warning before delivery and asking for any preferential opening times. These arrangements enable us to ensure a very high delivery rate despite the difficulties. We use the same care to verify addresses in advance and prevent shipments from being put in storage for “non-existent address” with significant cost savings and reduced delivery time.

In spite of all the effort we ask for a little understanding: couriers in tourist areas have to deal with crowded streets, total lack of parking, compromised road conditions, twisted ZTLs, and wild fines; when a shipment is 1 day late we deal with it promptly but don’t take it too hard, it’s August, think about relaxing!

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