Arcadia Express guarantees a high level of service for customers who outsource shipments while maintaining a level of service customization that is among the highest in the market.

Competition among companies comes first through the presentation of their products, and in the case of e-commerce, the preparation of shipments requires special care and choice of packaging materials. Entrusting warehouse management and shipping to outside companies often leads to the fear of losing control over part of the process, but these doubts with Arcadia Express are totally unfounded: the use of customized packaging, insertion of flyers and advertising material in shipments, application of stickers on products, branding of boxes with stamps or other solutions are available to all our clients. Using even just at specific times of the year these solutions can lead to a strong increase in one’s brand recognition and make one’s shipment distinguishable even before it is opened.

Contact us to evaluate together which solution is best suited for your business, we will be able to follow you at every stage with the utmost expertise.

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