Curbside transport is a technique of loading and unloading goods that is mainly used for heavy or bulky items. The hydraulic tailgate is a device installed on the back of the truck that allows the truck bed to be raised and lowered to make it easier to get goods on and off the truck. This system allows heavy or bulky loads to be transported quickly and safely, reducing the risk of damage to goods or drivers.

First, this way of unloading goods is particularly useful for all household appliances but any large package benefits from ground unloading. Arcadia Express has a large fleet of vehicles equipped with hydraulic tail lifts that can meet all transportation needs. In addition, our drivers are highly qualified and trained to handle tail lifts to the best of their ability, ensuring maximum safety for the goods being transported.

But that’s not all: Arcadia Express also offers a dedicated 24/7 support service to solve any problems during transportation and ensure maximum satisfaction of our customers.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the transportation industry, we can guarantee fast and accurate delivery times nationwide. In addition, we also offer integrated logistics services, such as warehousing and distribution of goods, to offer our customers a comprehensive and personalized service.

The Arcadia Express hydraulic tailgate transport process is simple and safe. Our driver comes to the goods pickup point with the truck equipped with a tail lift, loads the goods onto the truck and secures them to the truck bed. Thanks to the hydraulic tailgate, the load is raised and lowered with ease, without damaging goods or causing inconvenience to our drivers.

Once at the destination, our driver unloads the goods as easily as he loaded them.

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