Arcadia Express is a transportation company that specializes in providing an integrated service to its customers:
Integrated just-in-time service: we organize dedicated transportation for just-in-time productions, a service that allows companies to contact us with as little as 1 hour notice for deliveries and pickups. Satellite monitoring of our vehicles ensures that we update the status of our shipments in real time.
Domestic and European distribution with Bersagliere service: handling domestic and European small-weight shipments is the area that has developed the most. With the growth of e-commerce strengthened by lockdown, the demand for door-to-door delivery has become our flagship product. We work in tandem with top European and national players to ensure on-time delivery of your shipments.
Outsourced logistics: thanks to locations in Turin, Milan and Rome, goods in transit can be stored and warehoused at our warehouses and distributed throughout the peninsula in the next 24 h, excluding islands, 3/4 days for groupage, relieving companies of warehousing costs.
Multilingual operation: we provide 24h support in Italian, French and English, analyze the needs together with the client to build a tailored service and monitor the evolution over time. Arcadia Express focuses on operations to stand out.
Warehouse logistics: Arcadia Express stands out in the market due to its ability to offer integrated logistics activities and transportation and handling services.
The experience we have accumulated over time allows us to carefully and scrupulously take care of every single aspect of the warehousing business, from the entry of goods to their storage, from order picking to their delivery, all thanks to powerful management software.
Entrusting the management of your logistics to a professional partner such as Arcadia Express thus becomes not only a valuable tool for optimizing the service you offer your customers, but also a guarantee of constant and adequate control and cost containment.